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Predicting Connected Computing in 2020

The belief that the age of the internet is slowing or over is crude and misguided.  We are in a new age of computing and having devices connected to the internet.  How this will work is the challenge.  Great insight and presentation from a leader in the industry of integration platforms.  From YouTube: CONNECT 2014: Keynote by Greg Schott, MuleSoft CEO


#NASA #Curiosity rover #discovery | Curiosity Not Curious?

#NASA #Curiosity rover #discovery 


Curiosity Not Curious?

Imagine you are a scientist at NASA working on the Mars Curiosity project and you stumble upon a piece of metal coming out of a rock.  Are you curious?  Do you want to investigate?  The namesake of the rover “Curiosity” might imply that you stop your intended plan to drill and begin a few, unplanned experiments.  But, maybe it’s not that big of a deal.  What do you think?